Short-term Car Insurance for Smokers

Our company is excited to announce a new short-term car insurance program for smokers. We understand that many smokers may not have the cash flow that their non-smoker friends have as they experience extra expenses including the cost of cigarettes and smoking related materials, extra health care costs, and replacement of clothes and other personal property that he or she damages as a result of careless smoking. In addition, the smoker may have less income because of absenteeism from work due to smoking related illnesses. This is why our company is offering this new policy in order to help the poor cash strapped smoker.

Besides the significant cost of paying an insurance policy for six months or a year, the individual who has smoked for 35 or more years may not live to enjoy the full benefit of the coverage that far in advance. While some illnesses, such as emphysema and cancer give an individual some advance indication of when he or she is going to die, cardiovascular diseases, including heart diseases and strokes occur suddenly without any indication. Your loved ones will have plenty on their hands with taking care of your final arrangements without having to concern themselves with trying to obtain a refund of your over payment of your insurance premiums.

There is a downside to our short-term car insurance for smokers, which we would like to be upfront and inform our customers. Because smokers have a tendency towards using their hands for smoking activities, which does detract from their ability to focus their full attention on their driving, they have a higher tendency towards accidents than non-smokers do. In addition, because of the increase in risk in sudden death or unconsciousness while driving, we have to consider those as well. Therefore, automobile insurance for smokers will cost more than for people who do not smoke.

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On the positive side, our company is proud of the fact that we are the first to offer short-term car insurance for smokers. Many companies that offer discounts for customers who pay for their policies over a six or twelve month period do not offer a refund in the event that the customer no longer requires insurance or their refund is hardly proportionate to what the customer paid. With our pay as you go program, you will never pay for insurance that you do not need.

Finally, for smokers who refer their smoking friends to our short-term car insurance program, we offer one free month of insurance for each referral that purchases an insurance plan and stays with us for one year. Try to refer your healthiest smoking friends, as we do not offer partial rewards. In addition, your free month is not transferrable or refundable so we hope you live long enough to enjoy it.


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